Providing Long Term Compound Returns

We pride ourselves on:

  1. Strategic focus of underserved customer groups
  2. Outstanding management and execution
  3. Technical Excellence
  4. Providing competitive returns to our investors

CRNCY’s main business focus is microfinance. We believe this to be one of the uniquely positioned businesses which can provide long term compounded returns for capital deployed into it.

CRNCY’s proven track record of building successful and profitable businesses positions us well to rapidly gain market share in our regional target countries. Strong management and operational capabilities, a committed and motivated team and significant intellectual assets underpin our ability to drive value, inspire customer’s return business and secure an expanded foothold in the financial services industry.

CRNCY focuses on three core tenets to build quality portfolio brands:

  1. Strong financial reporting infrastructure and practice
  2. Strong talent acquisition practice
  3. Strong engaged investor base
$ 12.9 M

Dividends Declared in 3 Years
120 +

Team Members
333 %

2 Year CAGR Online Traction

Portfolio Companies

In every era, winning companies waste what is abundant to save what is precious – in our case it is Human Resources and Technology to save the customer’s time.

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