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Investing in the future of the Caribbean through people, real-estate, and energy

Micro Finance

Quickstop Finance Center

Expanding access to consumer credit
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Quickstop was established in 2006 to address the need for Belizeans to access financing in a friendly community-banking atmosphere. Our mission is to help people.

Quickstop is licensed to offer moneylending services under a Master Agent Moneylender License from the Central Bank of Belize. We operate network of branches countrywide as well as online and over-the-phone services, providing competitive and easily accessible financial products and services underscored by top-notch customer service.

Quickstop is preparing to expand its services in the Caribbean region with the initial focus on Barbados, Guyana, and Jamaica.

Delinquency Rates, first credit scoring model that resulted in long term collection rates over 94%, Purposefully built a brand known for exceptional customer service.

Credit Assistance

The Credit Settlement Agency (TCSA)

Credit protection and restoration

The Credit Settlement Agency helps customers in arrears to establish loan repayment arrangements to protect and restore their credit.  Helping individuals to safeguard their financial well-being is a mission rooted in our belief that each person has the potential to shape their financial destiny. TCSA is committed to helping people protect their credit.  Because when we protect our credit, we not only preserve our financial health but also pave the way for brighter, more confident futures.

Energy Projects

Southern Renewable Energy (SREL)

Clean energy project development

The natural beauty of Belize drives its economy and is fundamental to the nation’s culture. See how CRNCY partners with the Government of Belize to enable safe, clean, renewable energy independence.

Recognizing the need for clean, local energy sources in Belize, SREL was incorporated primarily for the purposes of organization, procurement of funding, and management of projects within Belize which focus on the development of renewable energy sources especially hydroelectric power. SREL hopes to develop projects through which Belize as a country can progress toward the goal of becoming energy independent while producing a reasonable rate of return correspondent to the risk taken by its investors.

The company won two bids in response to Request for Proposal from The Public Utilities Commission of Belize, which are currently under negotiations for a Power Purchase Agreement.  The agreements are as follows: 1. A 19.3 MW hydroelectric project on the Macal River called New Macal, and 2. A 8.4 MW hydroelectric project on Swasey River called Upper Swasey.

In every era, winning companies waste what is abundant to save what is precious – in our case it is Human Resources and Technology to save the customer’s time.

Real Estate

Acquity Holdings Limited

Real estate development and management

A real estate development and property management company, operating since 2013. The company investments in commercial real estate and residential condominium offerings in tourism driven destinations.