Bringing Together the Right Elements

We are relentless in our focus on the customer experience and in engineering creative and committed teams that bring together the elements needed to sustain this focus.

Fostering Excellence

Cultivating Growth, Nurturing Talent, and Upholding Core Values for Business Outperformance

We foster a culture of accountability, continuous improvement, and open communication.

We believe that inspiring growth in people is the best way to deliver outperformance in every facet of business. We have a relentless focus on hiring the best and brightest, who share a commitment to our core values.

Candor & Integrity

We travel through truth and deliver opinions with respect and care.

Continuous Improvement

We have a bias for action—always trying, testing, failing, and improving in our pursuit of excellence.


We focus on strengths and potential and encourage input from every member of the team to unlock opportunity.


We endure despite all obstacles and are tenacious in our quest to fulfill our mission.

Unwavering Character

We hold ourselves accountable and keep our word. We choose the right path, even if it’s harder.

120 +

85 %

Revenue from Returning Customers
$ 200 M

Loans Disbursed Since Inception
40 %

Digital Presence

Board of Directors

Anwar Barrow

Dorian Luna

Louba Rapoport

Kalilah Reynolds

Tracie Jenkins

Senior Management Team

Dorian Luna

Shamira Young

We are committed to operating ethically and take great care to follow the law in each jurisdiction. We take pride in our duty of care over investor funds and are committed to transparent investor relations.