Who We Are

Building Top Tier Businesses

CRNCY (pronounced Currency), is an investment holding company focused on building top tier businesses across medium sized less competitive markets within the Commonwealth group of countries.

Our strategy is to build #1 or #2 ranked businesses in the service industry by delighting customers with faster service than competitors, within an overall premium customer experience.

Our Markets

We focus on investing in the Commonwealth group of countries – where secular tailwinds create unique opportunities to build disruptive, yet proven businesses.







Years Profitable Since Inception

Distribution Channels
+ 35 K

Customers Served

Delight Customers with Premium Experiences

We achieve this by focusing on product design and process, supported by a strong technological backbone. We deliver it using a light brick-and-mortar store presence to give customers in person service if they require it, and major online and over the phone service, all supported by robust centralized back-office operations.

  1. We achieve scale by aggregating developing markets which share common cultural norms and opportunities.
  2. We are committed to delivering strong bottom-line results for our investors over long periods of time by choosing underserved markets and industries which are ripe for disruption through progressive management and operational excellence.
  3. We aim to provide a work home where team members find meaningful work; build meaningful relationships; and receive above average compensation

“Our Mission is to develop the most efficient, well run and profitable companies within our management portfolio.”

Anwar Barrow, Chairman