Kalilah Reynolds

Kalilah, a financial journalist, educator, and entrepreneur, is the driving force behind Kalilah Reynolds Media. Dedicated to creating accessible financial news and education, her mission is to empower individuals in building and sustaining personal wealth, contributing to prosperous economies.

As the creator and Executive Producer of Jamaica’s influential business talk show, Taking Stock, Kalilah has garnered over 4 million views on YouTube. Simultaneously, her Money Mission online community, boasting over 3000 members, serves as a premier platform for Money Makers to connect and exchange ideas and resources.

In 2023, Kalilah earned the prestigious Flair Distinguished Award for Business and received nominations for the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Award and the JCC/Yello Marketing Excellence Award. Beyond her media ventures, Kalilah excels as a digital marketing strategist, renowned TedX and international speaker, and published author of two books.

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