Southern Renewable Energy (SREL)

The natural beauty of Belize drives its economy and is fundamental to the nation’s culture. See how CRNCY partners with the Government of Belize to enable safe, clean, renewable energy independence.

Recognizing the need for clean, local energy sources in Belize, SREL was incorporated primarily for the purposes of organization, procurement of funding, and management of projects within Belize which focus on the development of renewable energy sources especially hydroelectric power. SREL hopes to develop projects through which Belize as a country can progress toward the goal of becoming energy independent while producing a reasonable rate of return correspondent to the risk taken by its investors.

The company won two bids in response to Request for Proposal from The Public Utilities Commission of Belize, which are currently under negotiations for a Power Purchase Agreement.  The agreements are as follows: 1. A 19.3 MW hydroelectric project on the Macal River called New Macal, and 2. A 8.4 MW hydroelectric project on Swasey River called Upper Swasey.

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